115. The Fed Was Wrong

Aug 5, 2022

The Fed Was Wrong: What Do We Do Now?

Believe it or not, the Fed was wrong. It turns out the inflation we’ve been experiencing is not transitory. They thought these high prices would stick around for six months or less. However, that’s certainly not the case and consumer sentiment is very low. With this low confidence it’s expected we’ll continue to see market volatility. So, what can investors do now to protect their portfolios? 

If you are in retirement or nearing retirement, you need a flexible and predictable framework. With market swings, inflation, and a possible recession threatening your finances you need a plan that will be adaptable to unfavorable situations. The Redefining Wealth® ProcessSM is built in just this way, to protect you from these unsteady times. Join us on today’s episode as we explore investor patience, market recovery, and investing fees, and much more.

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Timestamps (show notes):

 2:31 – Defining the meaning of transitory

5:42 – How can we protect our portfolio?
10:00 – Trading volatility with erosion of purchase power

15:58 – V-shaped recover and U-shaped recovery 

20:33 – Transparency with fees 

26:05 – Identify income and prepare for unexpected events

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