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125. Will This Be Another Lost Decade for the Stock Market?

October 12, 2022
Stock market lost decade

Coming off an incredible decade of growth and returns in the stock market, the feeling among investors isn’t nearly as optimistic in 2022. Darlene Tucker, CFP® joins Laura Stover, CFP® on the show today to help us look forward and determine what lies ahead for the market as the economy comes to a halt. While many things feel similar to the lost decade of the 1970s, there are some notable differences like our declining dependence on foreign oil and supply chain issues that might indicate a better outcome. 

While we understand the concern right now, it’s important to remember that recession is a normal part of the business cycle. What we want to try and determine is whether this is just a normal pullback or a sign of larger problems? Our economy today shows promise in a few key areas so the hope is that history doesn’t repeat itself.

That’s why this show will focus on helping you determine what your next steps are as an investor. Part of that discussion includes explaining why the traditional 60/40 portfolio might not be the best approach to investing in this current environment. What we know for sure is that each decade will present new challenges for investors and that’s why it’s critical to make sure you’re doing proper planning with a professional.

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3:29 – Darlene’s thoughts on what she’s expecting over the next decade

5:44 – What kind of data should we pay attention to?

9:07 – Recession is a normal part of the business cycle

12:14 – What can investors do now?

15:40 – Mailbag question about paying off debt with an old 401(k)

23:57 – Every decade provides different challenges for planning

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