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133. 4 Barriers to Break Down for a Successful Retirement

December 7, 2022
4 retirement barriers

No matter how well you’ve planned, there’s going to be some level of uneasiness for retirees when the economy struggles like it has over the past year. These volatile times motivate people to take the necessary steps to protect their retirement and proper planning can help you do just that.

Because the market has been so healthy over the past decade or more, many people have gotten complacent and have stuck with their investment allocation. They haven’t taken the time to explore and understand the diversification strategies that can help mitigate risk and preserve capital, which is an important mind shift that pre-retirees and retirees need to make. But that’s not the only misstep you’ll need to avoid. On this episode, Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® will help identify four barriers to break down as you enter this next phase of life and will share the solutions to achieve that.

As we’ll talk about, the true value of holistic planning like our Redefining Wealth® process is not just asset allocation, what stock you’re in, and aggressive or moderate investing. It’s about finding happiness in your life through considering all the different elements that will help you achieve that. By understanding all of the areas of your financial house and taking control of your future, you’ll have peace of mind during the good times and the bad. 

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5:10 – Understanding this is a temporary setback  

7:20 – Control what you can control

9:28 – Diversification strategies

13:43 – Holistic planning to bring you happiness

17:10 – Understanding the different advisory services available

21:10 – Services that provide value to you   

27:21 – Taking a proactive approach right now


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