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120. The Fed is Tanking the Market

September 7, 2022
Market volatility and Fed monetary policy

The common theme in the market this year has been volatility, and that hasn’t slowed down at all throughout the summer. The month of August saw the S&P 500 drop 4.2 percent after four straight days of declines, which was driven by the expectations stemming from the Fed’s plan for tight policy. We learned more about that during Fed Chair Jerome Powell speech at a conference in Jackson Hole where he spoke on monetary policy and price stability.  

The question getting now is when will the volatility begin to reduce and what might be coming through the end of the year and into 2023? This episode will examine the criteria that determines this like supply chain problems, supply and demand economics, and tightening disposable income. Plus, Laura and Michael will give their thoughts on what we’ve learned from this recent market movement and whether we’ll ever return to 3% inflation. 

And as always, we want to provide ways that our Redefining Wealth® process helps you address these market concerns by mitigating risk and properly positioning you for whatever happens with Fed policies in the future.

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Timestamps (show notes):

2:19 – Driving force behind August volatility

4:48 – Will rate hikes continue in 2023?

5:42 – Criteria that will determine when volatility will start reducing

9:35 – What’s around the corner?

11:41 – Will inflation return to 3% again?

14:15 – What have we learned from the downturn?

18:56 – When is the bottom of this market?

21:08 – Mitigating risk

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