Retirement Talk Podcast Episode

128. Unprecedented Times

November 2, 2022
Unprecedented times in retirement

The steep decline in the stock market and rising inflation is impacting all Americans but no one is feeling it quite like people that are nearing retirement or those that recently made the transition to retirement. The drop in account value paired with the decline in purchasing power can create a lot of uneasiness about retirement. 

On this episode, Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® will help you get a better grasp on retirement income and how vulnerable it is to these unprecedented times. Moving from the accumulation to the preservation and retirement income stage of your life requires you to change your mindset and that can be difficult for people. Planning can ensure you’re making the best decisions about Social Security, pensions, and where to withdraw the money you need. 

Instead of feeling like you have to make a move out of fear, people should channel those feelings and use them for motivation to learn what you can do to protect your finances. There’s never one solution or product that is always the right move. Instead, it takes a balanced approach and a process like our Redefining Wealth® to make sure we’re not making the wrong decisions at emotional times.

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Timestamps (show notes):

2:58 – Changing your mindset in uncertain times

6:49 – Balanced approach and process to drive planning

11:41 – Assessing the vulnerability of retirement income

13:39 – Social Security cost of living adjustments

17:13 – Leveraging your pension

22:35 – Having a withdraw strategy  

25:03 – Understanding the fees you’re paying


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