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138. The Hustler – Lessons From a Young Warren Buffett

January 11, 2023
Warren Buffett lessons

No matter how experienced you are with money, there’s always room to grow and learn. It’s a characteristic you’ll find in the most successful people, including one of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffett. Today’s show will focus on the life and career of the man born in the years following the Great Depression, who displayed his entrepreneurial drive at an early age and turned that into one of the great American success stories.

So what can we learn from Buffett that anyone can apply to their own financial plan? Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® will look back at the path Buffett has taken during his career and the characteristics that have made him so successful. The things he can teach us aren’t just for the wealthiest investors. Buffett rose up through hard work and strict financial discipline to become what he is today, and that story can benefit us all.

As you’ll learn, Buffett had a fierce desire for independence, and the method for that was money. He chased information and education from a young age and relied on experts to further his knowledge in the areas he was most interested in. That hunger for learning, coupled with his approach to investing that focused on value, compounding interest, and consistent returns, is a blueprint for success that we’ll explore on this episode.

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Timestamps (show notes):

5:59 – Buffett’s entrepreneurial pursuits started early

8:06 – It begins with the right mindset

13:44 – His obsession with reading and learning

21:55 – A story of racetrack betting that shows his diligence to be analytical  

25:39 – Who was his financial role model?

32:19 – Summarizing the lessons learned 


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