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150. 3 Ways to Know if Your Advisor Gets It

April 5, 2023
Estate planning

For many people, the goal in life is to have enough wealth that you can pass it on to people or organizations you care most about, and your advisor should be a key partner in helping you with that estate planning. However, not every financial professional is equipped to help you secure your legacy and give you that peace of mind.

In this episode, Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® will discuss the importance of estate planning and how to ensure your financial advisor is qualified to guide you through the process. Listen to their insights on the consequences of neglecting non-probate assets, the advantages of using a revocable living trust for your IRA, and how to determine the right trust structure for your unique situation.

There’s a lot of great information online to help guide you through this process but if you truly want protection for your estate, you need to make sure you have correct verbiage about how assets go in and when/if they can come out in the future and that’s the role professionals play. Our goal is to help you build a plan that’s effective and efficient, and we’ll share how the LifeArcPlan is designed to help us do that.

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4:37 – Why the structure of an inheritance is so important.
8:28 – If you receive an inheritance, how do you approach that extra income from a tax standpoint?
12:19 – The benefits of putting a trust in place.
17:54 – Understanding the importance of beneficiaries.
22:32 – The different type of trusts and how they’re structured.

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