Retirement Talk Podcast Episode

170. Retirement Risks

August 23, 2023
5 Common Portfolio Mistakes

 Retirement planning involves mitigating risk and understanding the various risks that retirees face. Laura Stover and Michael Wallin break down these risks today, including reduced earnings capacity, visible spending constraint, heightened investment risk, unknown longevity, spending shocks, compounding inflation, and declining cognitive abilities. It is important to have a comprehensive retirement plan that addresses these risks and provides a reliable income stream. Retirees must also be aware of the sequence of return risk, which can deplete wealth rapidly if negative returns occur early in retirement.

Compounding interest can be a great way to grow your nest egg, but triple compounding in reverse can have a significant impact on retirement income. Reliability of income is crucial in retirement, and a solid plan is necessary to ensure a comfortable retirement.

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    Timestamps (show notes):

    0:00:49 Discussion on common portfolio mistakes

    0:02:05 Portfolio sprawl and the importance of diversification

    0:03:41 Redundant individual stock portfolios and the risks involved

    0:05:59 The drawbacks of relying too heavily on mutual funds

    0:07:51 The benefits of diversification and asset allocation

    0:12:31 The impact of suboptimal asset location on taxes

    0:18:39 The importance of dividing assets into income and growth

    0:19:16 The need for a comprehensive retirement plan

    0:26:45 The importance of tax alpha in retirement portfolios

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