Retirement Talk Podcast Episode

175. What Clients (Actually) Value Most in a Financial Advisor

September 27, 2023
What Clients (Actually) Value Most in a Financial Advisor

In this episode of Retirement Talk: The Redefining Wealth Show, Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® delve into what clients value most in a financial advisor. The importance of effective communication between clients and advisors and the need for a well-defined process that aligns discussions with clients’ long-term goals is emphasized. Also discussed is the significance of a seasoned financial advisor with a broad spectrum of knowledge and a team approach to address various financial needs. 

The episode highlights the value of behavioral finance in helping clients make informed decisions, particularly in uncertain market conditions. Additionally, there are advantages to working with independent advisors who prioritize clients’ interests and provide objective advice. 

We spend a few minutes revisiting last week’s topic, annuities, and why it’s important to have a team in place to help you navigate this complex area.

The episode underscores the importance of a comprehensive financial plan tailored to each client’s unique situation. Complimentary strategy sessions are available for those seeking personalized financial guidance.

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    Timestamps (show notes):

    0:01:00 Importance of communication in the client-advisor relationship

    0:04:21 The need for a defined process in financial planning

    0:07:08 Asking the right questions to understand client goals

    0:08:47 The value of a broad spectrum approach in financial planning

    0:11:18 The importance of addressing all aspects of financial planning

    0:12:46 Simplifying retirement and consolidation for clients

    0:13:34 The role of behavioral finance in client-advisor relationship

    0:14:19 Discussing market corrections and addressing client fears

    0:14:46 The importance of segmenting your portfolio and asset allocation.

    0:14:52 Low interest rates affecting annuity contracts and cap rates.

    0:16:29 Allocation of resources over multiple buckets for retirement needs.

    0:19:28 Importance of understanding the specific features of annuity products.

    0:21:47 Need for a seasoned financial advisor to navigate annuity options.

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