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134. Annuities are Continuing Their Record Breaking Year

December 14, 2022
Record Breaking Annuities

Annuities have experienced drastic growth in 2022 as investors look for guaranteed income during a market correction, but should you be allocating money into fixed index annuities or other options? One of the goals of this show is to provide perspective on financial news and trends because what people think they know and what they perceive about things isn’t always accurate, and that’s what we’ll explore today.

The problem with this sudden rush into annuities is where did this money get pulled from? As Laura Stover, RFC® and Michael Wallin, CFP® will explain on this episode, annuities might not provide the long-term growth many people need to keep up with inflation and this sudden shift in allocation might hurt investors that haven’t been planning properly. 

To truly analyze whether annuities are a good fit, you have to look under the hood. You want to know what you’re paying in fees, what type of joint income it offers, what the provisions of the contract are, and what balance is best for your portfolio. That’s why we use the Redefining Wealth® framework to make sure you don’t have too much in terms of a percentage in the wrong asset class, and we’ll help you better understand how annuities work on this show.

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4:07 – What’s behind this big push in annuities this year?

7:30 – How fixed index annuities work

10:41 – Benefits of the fixed index annuity

15:44 – Income writers for annuities

22:52 – Determining the right allocation

27:24 – Variable annuities


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